Decking Nearly Done, Cabin Trunk Rising.

Robert Mitchell has sent us more photos!  Thank you!  We are excited to be able to share these with you, just AMAZING!  These are of the work on the deck and cabin trunks.

Looking forward the foredeck, renewed in 2009 and oiled, is dark. It's hard to see now that the new Douglas fir decking is complete to the break in the deck. The crew is just about done bunging the fastenings and caulking the new decking. The row of white tufts is the cotton caulk near where the wheel will be. In the lower left corner you can see one of the new quarterbits and forward the bulwark cap rails are going on the stanchions. photo credit - Robert Mitchell

Here’s a post from last spring about the “break in the deck”.

Here's a closer look at the cap rail along the fore deck. You can see the windlass still in place and the opening where the new bowsprit will go. photo credit - Robert Mitchell

You can just see the top on the transom in this view of the aft cabin trunk, looking aft. This side is curved to accommodate curve of the cabin top, built so it will shed water. photo credit - Robert Mitchell

A close look at the dovetail joints at the corners of the cabin trunk. photo credit - Robert Mitchell

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