The Past and the Future

We recently heard from Jose Andrade.  In the 1990′s we knew him as the deckhand

Joe onboard Ernestina in 1995 with another crewmate.

“Little Joe”.  Fred Sterner says he could throw a heaving line further than anyone.  His Dad, “Big Joe” and his Mother were, and still are,  strong supporters of Ernestina.

Joe, who learned navigation onboard Ernestina, is now navigating the skies for JetBlue. He sent along these photos and these encouraging words.

“I’ve been keeping an eye on the progress. I want to sail on her again. She was an immense part of my life growing up. The experience and the people I sailed with and learned so much from helped mold me. I want to stand on deck and feel the nostalgia.”

Jose "Little Joe" Andrade (R) and Dad (L)

We’d love to have you share your experiences and influences of your time on Ernestina-Morrissey !