Maintenance and Operations Committee

Purpose: To provide recommendations and technical guidance related to short and long term planning for the operation, maintenance, and preservation of the historic schooner Ernestina.

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SEA Students Visit

Captain Carl Herzog,  former Schooner Ernestina mate, visited the ship several times this summer with his classes of high school students from Sea Education Association. * * * * *

Ernestina’s Masts Are UP!

May 31, 2013 dawned clear and calm.  The crane from N.C. Hudon arrived at 9 am and the crew was ready.   Ernestina was ready too! Placing the coins in the step is an important tradition. Read More … The … Continue reading

Ernestina Masts Going Up May 31

The coins are ready and the crane is scheduled for 9 am Friday May 31. The coin placing was documented by SouthCoastToday in print and video. The history of the coins that were already under the masts is interesting, just … Continue reading

Re-Rig Project Has Begun

Leon Poindexter’s and his crew are preparing the masts and rigging and will raise the masts by June 1.  Return here often to check on the progress. Check out a video of the Spar Shop lathe in action. This new … Continue reading

Park Serve Day Brings Spring to Ernestina

A GREAT thank you to all the volunteers who worked so hard to get the cover off Ernestina and THANKS to DCR crew Manny and Dave. DCR Commissioner Ed Lambert told the Ernestina volunteers that they were among 5,000 volunteers in … Continue reading

What’s Been Happening Under That Cover?

DCR carpenter Manny Silva and additional DCR winter staff David and Paul have accomplished a lot since the Commission visit in January.

Park Serve Day April 27

RESCHEDULED for Saturday April 27. It’s time to get Schooner Ernestina ready for the summer season. Let’s get that winter cover off! Please sign up on DCR’s Park Serve Page. Step #1: “Select a park” –  scroll down and select … Continue reading

Ernestina Commission Visits Ship

The recent Schooner Ernestina Commission meeting included a visit to Ernestina to review the work being done and to examine concerns yet to be addressed. Karl Pastore, South Region Director and Bob Mackenzie, South Coast Director explained the work in … Continue reading

Volunteer Pilot Project

The Commission and DCR would like to begin a pilot program to allow volunteers to work on Ernestina for more than just the two major annual work days that have been held recently.  DCR will identify projects that will involve … Continue reading

Ernestina Secure after Sandy.

All is well with Ernestina after the passage of Hurricane Sandy.   I wish I could say the same for the Bounty.  Many of Ernestina’s crew sailed on Bounty and know the missing captain, Robin Walbridge. We all need to thank the Coast Guard for … Continue reading

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