Deck Beams Going In!

The crew at the Bristol Marine Shipyard in Boothby Harbor has made great progress since our last post in April!  The planking continues, up from the keel and down from the sheer.  The last plank of the  (shutter) strake, called the whiskey plank, will finish the planking and be cause for celebration!

Working on the topsides planking. The timbers rising above the sheer are the bulwarks. Photo Credit Harold Burnham

The cap on the transom is coming together well.

Shaping the port transom cap. Photo Credit Harold Burnham

Starboard side of transom Photo Credit Harold Burnham

The deck beams run athwartships, from port side to starboard.

Athwartships deck beams and framing, looking from the rudderpost forward. Photo Credit Harold Burnham

Preparing a frame that will fit between two deck beams Photo Credit Harold Burnham

The framing is notched into the beam Photo Credit Harold Burnham

The beams and framing must allow for the hatches, deck “furniture” and cabin trunks.

The red line surrounds the frame left open for the aft cabin trunk. The blue line surrounds the rudder post with the passage for the steering linkage from the steering gear to the rudder. Photo Credit Harold Burnham

The crew is not ready to start laying the deck, but in the work shop the crew continue to prepare the covering boards, the outermost deck plank on each side, which fit over the stanchions and assure, when well caulked, that water washing off the deck cannot leak into the hull.

Preparing covering boards. Photo Credit Harold Burnham

By late June some of the covering boards are in place,

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