Year End at the Shipyard

Happy New Year Ernestina-Morrissey!  We look forward to exciting progress in 2017.

Happy New Year! credit Harold Burnham

Phil Smith, a longtime friend of the ship visited the Shipyard last month.  He shared some great photos.

credit Phil Smith

Looking forward from the transom at the level of the weather deck. The aft "deck beams" are just temporary bracing. credit Phil Smith

Work is proceeding on the frames in the forward part of the ship. Here port and starboard parts of frames are ready to be installed. The bulkhead between the fo'c'sle and the engine room is helping support the deck. credit Phil Smith

The frames are assembled from the futtocks on the work table next to the hull with trunnels used to fasten the sections together. credit Phil Smith

Meanwhile the work continues in the stern. The transom frame as well as the rudder post has been painted. credit Phil Smith

The floors have been fastened to the cant frames and you can see the stern post forward of the rudder post. credit Phil Smith

Lower section of rudder post shaped to fit rudder shaft photo credit Phil Smith

Cant frame floors from side. credit Phil Smith

Floors and frames looking aft to transom credit Phil Smith

Patterns for shaping floors credit Phil Smith

About a week later photos from Harold show the bulkhead between the fo’c'sle and the engine room has been removed and the new frames are now resting on the keel and supporting the deck.

From the new stern you can look forward all the way to the stem now that the bulkhead has been removed. credit Harold Burnham

On the port side you can see the gap that still needs to be filled with new frames. credit Harold Burnham

The frames forward to the stem will stay in place. The new frames are easy to notice. The vertical beams support the deck with the bulkheads and steel I beam gone. credit Harold Burnham

The raw looking wood is an old floor, the grey painted area with debris on it is the new keel. Above the floor is the original keelson, still supporting the deck. credit Harold Burnham

This diagram shows the keel, floor and keelson. credit How a Wooden Ship is Built: Fig 2

During December work continued on the forward part of the ship.

A section of the original keelson. credit Harold Burnham

The crew is getting a frame ready to raise, Notice the jack and timber holding up the deck. credit Harold Burnham

The square hole held the I beam that was supporting the forward section of the ship. credit Harold Burnham

Check the Heavy Lifting post for what it looked like.

New frames forward. credit Harold Burnham

Starboard side new frames forward. credit Harold Burnham

A wonderful accomplishment for 2016 credit Harold Burnham

Thank all of you who have made this possible.  The SEMA board members are working hard and will have exciting news in the New Year.  Consider helping this work to ensure a SAILING future for Ernestina-Morrissey.  Please DONATE.