Ongoing maintenance projects and reconstruction

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January Report to the Commission

Wendy Pearl, from DCR’s Office of Cultural Resources, is supervising the Ernestina-Morrissey rehabilitation.  She presents progress reports to the Commission at each meeting.  This month they were excited to hear that frames #8-24 ( in the bow) are complete, and … Continue reading

Ernestina de-rigged.

On Friday December 9, 2011 Ernestina’s masts were removed from the ship and secured on State Pier for inspection, maintenance and repairs.  Shipwright Leon Poindexter is supervising the work and estimation process.  Tom Lopes produced a video of the process available on … Continue reading

The Masts are Down.

Friday morning dawned cold and clear but more more importantly, calm.  The crane from N.C. Hudon, Inc.  arrived promptly at 7:30. Shipwright Leon Poindexter’s crew was ready. A sling was put on each mast in turn and the rigging was … Continue reading

Masts Ready for Crane.

The rig has been prepared for the masts to be removed and the now the wait for the crane.   The seizings have been removed from the shroud lanyards and they have been loosened.  The spring-stay is down and a temporary … Continue reading

A National Historic Landmark, Schooner Ernestina Returns to State Pier

Ernestina’s return was well covered.  Tom Lopes produced a great slide show on his YouTube Channel, Don Cuddy covered the return in South Coast News. and lots of pictures in an earlier post. On October 14th DCR Commissioner Ed Lambert … Continue reading

Ernestina Commission members visit Ernestina

Some Commissioners visited Ernestina at the SHIPYARD last week to inspect Coast Guard required repairs  being overseen by shipwright Leon Poindexter. Mr. Poindexter will also provide the Schooner Ernestina Commission with  estimates of the work needed to regain Certification to … Continue reading

Ernestina on the Railway in Fairhaven.

On Monday morning, June 6, the Tug Jaguar took Ernestina alongside and her lines were cast off. With Captain Charlie Mitchell at the helm of Jaguar the two vessels traveled in tandem from State Pier across New Bedford Harbor to … Continue reading

May 7 NPS Volunteer Day

Nearly forty volunteers chose Ernestina for their project during the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park Volunteer Day on May 7, 2011. There were three projects: clean and prep the ship for June’s haul-out, scrape and paint the dories and … Continue reading

Rig Inspection News

From Jeff Carter’s report to the Commission: “Unfortunately during (inspection) a severe amount of rot was found at the top of the foremast. This rot extends approximately 4 feet down from the top of the mast and the early prognosis … Continue reading

Rig Inspection Progresses

Steve inspected the main masthead last week. – With the rig maintenance on-going I thought you would like to review some history of Ernestina’s present rig.  These are links to the archived pre-2005 website developed by Captain Gregg Swanzey. 1994 … Continue reading

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