Great Work, DCR!

Since the last post 3 weeks ago the SouthCoast has experienced storm after storm along with bitter cold.

Fresh snow has settled on the ice around Ernestina-Morrissey

The winter cover was not installed this year because we all anticipated a break in the weather to allow the ship to be moved to Boothbay Harbor Shipyard by now.   With no winter cover, Supervisor Paul Alexio and all the DCR staff helping him have done an amazing job to keep Ernestina-Morrissey safe.

Tons of snow has been removed from the ship in the past three weeks.

Checking lines, removing snow and ventilating and inspecting below deck have been a priority for the Department.

Ice surrounds Ernestina-Morrissey, not close to the ice she has seen when she sailed the Arctic with Captain Bartlett.

Salt has been added to the bilges to treat any fresh water that may accumulate.   Let’s all hope that March will bring us the weather we need to get the ship to Maine and her future.

There is open water not far astern of the ship.