Futtocks and Frames Beginning to Take Shape

The framing of a ship the size of Ernestina-Morrissey cannot be cut from a single piece of wood so futtocks are cut and paired to form the frames as shown in this schematic.  Care is taken to make sure that where the butts of the individual futtocks meet there is a sufficient separation from the joint in the sister futtock in the same frame.

Futtocks and frames

The process starts at the lofting table and patterns are made for each futtock.

full size patterns made during the lofting process

Some of the pieces have very complex shapes especially in the bow and stern where the curve of the hull changes quickly over a short distance.

You can see how complex the shape of a single frame can be.

Live oak has been purchased from Georgia.  This wood makes good curved structures because of branching growth pattern and complex grain.  It is very hard and heavy and difficult to work with.

The curved branching pattern is best for cutting curved structural pieces.

Live oak stock and futtock

Ross explains to Fred the process using the chain saw to cut the futtocks.

Once the futtock is cut is is faired with a power planer