What’s Old is New Again

The lead ballast removed from Ernestina-Morrissey last summer has returned to Boothbay Harbor Shipyard.

As the lead was removed from the bilges it was stacked on pallets.

Lead pigs removed from the bilges of Ernestina-Morrissey. photo credit Harold Burnham

The plans for the present rehabilitation include a keel with external ballast.

Plans for keel with external ballast

The wood keel on the ship is being removed.  Judging from the type of wood, identified as pine from Portugal, the keel was replaced during the reconstruction in Cape Verde.  The wooden parts of the new keel will be made of the Danish oak now curing in the sheds of the shipyard.

Download an enlarged drawing.

Download January 26, 2016 Construction Plan.

Pine keel, likely from the Cape Verde rebuild. photo credit Harold Burnham

The pallets of lead were delivered to the foundry where the lead was recast. The external ballast sections were delivered to the shipyard recently.

The sections of external ballast for the keel have been delivered from the foundry. photo credit Harold Burnham

It is exciting to know that the dismantling of the ship is well underway and the restoration is beginning!  Check back often for the latest news!