Volunteers Needed for AHA! Thursday August 9th

 ALL HANDS ON DECK!! We need volunteers for AHA night this Thursday August 9th from 4:30-8pm. The theme is Harbor Sounds. It is a well-publicized opportunity to showcase the Ernestina as a teaching vessel, to generate interest in future programs and to update the public on her progress, particularly the recent arrival of her mast.

Due to extensive supporter advice during Ernestina programming meetings and  public feedback at events, we are advertised as having an “open boat” during the festivities that includes “fish printing and topside tours of the Schooner Ernestina Deck with on-board education stations.” We are part of “Harbor Fun” along with steel band and sea chantey music, fireboat harbor tours, giving visitors a reason to brave the ongoing road construction. 

We have very few confirmed volunteers to implement this event. If you can help out, contact Elizabeth ASAP at 508-208-0676 or elizabeth.laver@gmail.com