July at the Shipyard

The ship is starting to look like herself again.  It’s like watching a house frame going up.  It seems like you will be able to move in in a month, and then all the rest of the building begins.  It will be a couple more years to get her floating again but it will be WORTH IT!

The cant frames are in at the stern and the square frames which rest directly on the keel mid-ships are going up fast. A few floors, the horizontal pieces centered near the keel, are also in place.

Looking from the transom you can imagine the deck in place. These are not the deck beams but temporary bracing. You can see the rudder post with the passage for the rudder shaft and behind that the stern post.

The inside view looking from the transom: David is working on the sternpost, the rudderpost, painted gray is to his right.

Looking from the deck of the forward section near the windlass aft to the new framing and bracing.

The crew is getting ready to start integrating the new work to what was done in 2008-2009. The start of a square frame has been positioned on the forward section of the keel. You can clearly see how the two futtocks with "hockey stick" ends overlap over the keel and imagine how this makes a very strong structure. This double-sawn frame will be complete when the rest of the futtocks are fastened in place.

The forward section (here looking toward the stem) below the waterline will be rehabilitated to receive the new keelson and be fastened to the new keel.

New futtocks for the forward section.