Plank Progress

Three weeks age we posted photos from Bristol Marine showing the first plank of the starboard garboard strake going in.  Here’s the final plank:

Shipwright David-Short, project manager, says The team wrestles a 5x12x34 garboard plan into place Photo Credit: Bristol Marine

David Short shares his thoughts about the Ernestina-Morrissey project in this teaser from Rick Lopes’ Documentary Series: “Sails Over Ice and Seas – The Life and Times of the Ernestina-Morrissey”.  Rick has amassed some amazing footage over the years.  We are excited to see the final project!

Once this garboard strake was in the shear strake was next.

Shear plank going in, all trunnel fastened. Looking aft. Photo Credit: Bristol Marine

shear plank looking forward, Photo Credit: Bristol Marine

aft shear plank Photo Credit: Bristol Marine

Bristol Marine posted videos of this process on their Facebook page.

Stern plank coming out of the steam bag.

Fitting last Shear plank

Fairing bow

Meanwhile in the workshop:

shaping the Cap Rail Mock-up Photo Credit: Bristol Marine