Old Sails into Fabulous Bags! All Spoken For! Thank you!

A Fantastic Response for these Fabulous Bags!

All ten bags have been spoken for.


If we are able to get more we will let you know.

Look at these FABULOUS canvas bags from SeaBags!

SeaBags from Ernestina-Morrissey's sails. You can see the logo on the center bag and the banner on the others.


They were made for SEMA from Ernestina’s sails that are being replaced by a new suit of sails. We have a limited number that will be used to raise funds for the new sails.  The bags are large and marked on both sides with the logo and a banner “One Ship, Many Lives”.



The handles are one loop of hemp line,

This will give you an idea of the capacity of the bags and the way the hemp-line handles are attached and how well they will support the bags contents

spliced and served, sewn between the outer canvas layer and inner lining providing substantial support no matter how heavy a load you carry.  Each bag is unique with the original stitching from when the sails were constructed for Ernestina and show their years of service. Perhaps you sailed on Ernestina when these sails were capturing the wind and driving her along! What a wonderful holiday gift for a lover of Ernestina-Morrissey.


Don’t hesitate! There are only 10 available and one can be yours for a $250 donation (plus shipping if outside the SouthCoast area). Please contact us at sails@ernestina.org to reserve one of these unique and handsome bags