1928 Whitney Letter Surfaces

A letter from a Mr. Harry Whitney to  Rollin S. Ketchum Jr. of Mystic, CT written from Effie M. Morrissey in 1928 during the ship’s only voyage to the Bearing Sea.  The Stoll-McCracken Siberian Arctic Expedition to the Aleutian Islands, Bering Strait, and Arctic under the auspices of the American Museum of Natural History.  The 1926 entry in the timeline includes information and photos from 1928.  Scroll down that page to find it.

The ship traveled through the Panama Canal and visited several ports in British Columbia as well as Alaska.

While going through some old family letters Liz Lockyer discovered one from a Mr. Harry Whitney to her great Uncle Rollin S. Ketchum of Mystic, CT. Mr. Whitney writes of a very rough voyage he is experiencing aboard the Morrissey under Capt. Bartlett. They departed NY Feb. 12th and traveled through the Panama Canal. He is 56 days underway and bound for Seattle.
This 1928 voyage was the only one the Morrissey took to the Pacific Ocean.

Thank you for contacting us and sharing this letter with us, Liz.

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