SEMA Volunteers Muster to Assist Captain Krihwan and MMA Staff and Cadets

Last week Captain Krihwan led a crew to reorganize Ernestina-Morrissey materials and equipment in storage at New Bedford’s State Pier.  SEMA volunteers, Joe Pacheco, Julius Britto, Willi Bank, Melissa DeValles, Fred Sterner and Mary Anne McQuillan joined Massachusetts Maritime Staff and Cadets to consolidate material in the storage area.

Melissa, Tiffany, Joe, Fred and Julius prepare to lift a dory with the fork lift and bring it to the elevator.

Mass Maritime crew and Willi Bank (R) standing by ready to load the dory into the elevator.

Ready to push Down!

The condition of the dories will be assessed and any repair work needed will be determined.

Joe Pacheco guides Captain Krihwan she lifts another of the spare sails onto the rack.