Ernestina Commission members visit Ernestina

Some Commissioners visited Ernestina at the SHIPYARD last week to inspect Coast Guard required repairs  being overseen by shipwright Leon Poindexter.

Mr. Poindexter will also provide the Schooner Ernestina Commission with  estimates of the work needed to regain Certification to Carry Passengers during this haul-out.  It appears that the frames behind the planks that were removed are reasonably sound and the leaking below the water line will be resolved by recaulking the horn timber and the area around the rudder.

With these repairs Ernestina will keep her Dockside Attraction Certification.  More extensive repairs to the transom will be completed at a later time after any other work needed to regain Certification to Carry Passengers is identified.

Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation is working closely with the Schooner Ernestina Commission and the Massachusetts Historical Commission to assure the best future this National Treasure.