Summer’s Over in the Shipyard

Philanthropists Gerry Lenfest and Bob Hildreth viewed the progress on Ernestina-Morrissey’s rehabilitation in August.  Together they have provided $2.8 million toward this project and we thank them for their continued interest in the future of the ship.  Join them, DONATE TODAY!

left to right: Harold Burnham, Bob Hildreth, David Short, Terry McClinch (BHS owner), Gerry Lenfest

DCR’s Harold Burnham and the Boothbay Harbor Shipyard crew explained the work completed so far and demonstrated some of the processes they use as they rebuild Ernestina-Morrissey’s hull.

Here are some videos of the demonstrations:

Patterns from lofting and choosing timbers.

Cutting live oak futtocks

Using the ship saw

Boothbay Harbor Shipyard ship saw

Harold explains to Bob the problems with working with the existing forward framing

l-r front: Diane Hildreth, Gerry Lenfest, Wendy Pearl, (DCR project director), rear: Harold Burnham, Bob Hildreth

At the September Schooner Ernestina Commission meeting Harold and Wendy explained that Boothbay Harbor Shipyard has proposed full replacement of frames forward of Frame #24.  DCR and Harold Burnham considered the proposal and requested a change order for $135,000 and a contract extension to June 2019.  The Commission approved these changes.  Here is the progress report presented at that meeting.

Phase 1 Hull Overhaul

  • Futtocks cut and frames assembled to frame #35
  • Boothbay Harbor has proposed full replacement of frames forward of Frame #24. DCR and Harold Burnham considering proposal and requested change order for $135,000.
  • Boothbay requesting contract extension to June 2019
  • More Danish oak and framing wood delivered
  • Naval architect submitted sketches to USCG
  • Research on tonnage continues
  • Gerry Lenfest and Bob Hildreth (and company) visited the shipyard on 8/30/16 and were pleased with the operation; discussion of Phase 2

Phase 2 Fit Out and Certification

  • Phase 2 scope and rough preliminary developed, shared with SEC, MMA, SEMA; Harold Burnham working to refine scope, specifications and costs, will consult with other experts and MMA
  • Private donors require formal agreement with MMA to take the vessel if they are to be involved in Phase 2 (no funding commitments for Phase 2 were discussed or offered)
  • Need to return to State Pier to complete inventory (DCR, Harold Burnham)