Ernestina on the Railway in Fairhaven.

On Monday morning, June 6, the Tug Jaguar took Ernestina alongside

making fast

and her lines were cast off.


With Captain Charlie Mitchell at the helm of Jaguar the two vessels traveled in tandem from State Pier

backing out

across New Bedford Harbor to Fairhaven Shipyard.  Onboard were DCR crew Jeff Carter and Manny Silva, shipwright Leon Poindexter, and former Ernestina crew Willi Bank and Fred Sterner.

in tandem

The ship was expertly positioned to enter the cradle

and then Jaguar stood by as the Shipyard crew carefully positioned Ernestina for her journey up the railway.

standing by

Once the cables held her in exact position the chain began pulling the cradle up the rails.

With several pauses for careful repositioning of the blocks the skillful crew from Fairhaven Shipyard insured Ernestina was perfectly balanced as she rose from the water.

almost out


Ernestina will be on the ways for a few weeks while she is inspected,


Jeff Carter, Leon Poindexter and Manny Silva inspect the rudder.

routine maintenance is completed and Coast Guard required repairs are made.

on railway

The Schooner Ernestina Commission expects to receive estimates of the work needed to regain certification to carry passengers during this haul-out.