Meet Your ESF Committee

Ernestina Sailing Forward Committee

Ernestina is Important Because:

Julius Britto

Ernestina is a source of pride for everyone who knows her history. She has so much more to give in her next voyage. Sail forward with her…!”

A message from Julius Britto:

While I don’t live in the past there are some past memories that are important to remember and help to guide us.

A past memory that is important to me is the vision of Cape Verde Independence, July 5, 1975. I was in Praia, Cape Verde during that celebration. As a Cape Verdean American I recall saying that evening that I would find a way to “keep Cape Verde in the hearts and minds of the world. “

My father used to say, “If every Cape Verdean gave $1.00, to the Ernestina she would be saved.”

Ernestina became the cause that I chose to “keep Cape Verde in the hearts and minds of the world”. And my wife Sandra and I are donating $1,243 in the name 1,243 Cape Verdeans representing all the people of Cape Verdean Heritage around the world. This completes the $50,000 campaign to purchase Ernestina-Morrissey’s Main Sail.

Please, donate to complete the purchase of the remaining Ernestina-Morrissey sails.


Laura Pires Hester

Ernestina Sailing Forward is important because this historic and unique Schooner has many more boundaries to cross, many more people of all ages to educate, and many more stories to make and share.  Add YOURSELF to this new chapter…”


Derek Stevens

Ernestina Sailing Forward is important because in a divisive time in our country, she only knows how to bring people together.”


Miguel Gomes

“Ernestina Sailing Forward is important because Ernestina‘s restoration is a rebirth celebrating all those brave souls who left their beloved Cape Verde seeking opportunities for the survival of their families and their country.”

Manuel Lopes

The Ernestina-Morrissey‘s life has connected people from Cabo Verde and New Bedford for 72 years. The history continues to grow as we now prepare to celebrate her return in the fall of 2021 .

Mary Anne McQuillan

The Ernestina-Morrissey is important as an unmatchable platform for experiential learning. I have seen how students respond as they operate the vessel and see the physics of the sails and rudder, sample the marine environment from her deck, actually use charts to navigate, literally get “in the shoes” of immigrants that crossed the Atlantic by sea, and more!

Join the committee and donate!
Donate online HERE.
If you prefer to donate by mailing a check please use this link HERE. Print and complete the form and send it with your check to SEMA P.O. Box 2995 New Bedford, MA 02741.
If you wish, you may make a dedication on the form. Please include a note that a your donation is for the mainsail.