Block Party!

Ernestina-Morrissey’s new masts are nearing completion and the blocks from¬†the running rigging need some TLC. Captain Krihwan¬† gathered a group of volunteers last week to help with the task. After instructions from Tiffany, everyone took a few blocks home to work on. There are a few left, if you are interested email

l-r Tom , Hank, Tally, Fred, Robert and the collection of blocks that need to be renewed

Remove the metal keeper that keeps the pin in place.

Keep all the parts together.

Sometimes there is leather over the keeper to prevent chafing.

Remove pin and sheave.

Sheave's out.

Ready to remove strop.

Removing the strop can be a one person job, sometimes removing the strop takes more effort. Joe helps Tiffany,

The strop is out and the block body is ready to be sanded to bare wood.

(l) Tom Demanche and Joe Pacheco while the rest of the crew choose blocks to take home.

Just about down to bare wood.