Winter Cover Off!

A great crew of Ernestina volunteers worked yesterday to remove the winter cover. 

The first step was removing the plastic.


Then the framing had to be disassembled and taken down


And the frames had to be cleaned off, removing the remaining plastic and battens.


The crew took a well deserved break and gam.


The interpreter’s center was cleaned and organized as well.


Some of the work crew proud of their day’s accomplishments!


Waiting for the crane to remove the last beam.


Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to remove the cover yesterday.  

The job went very smoothly and efficiently.  

Lots of good teamwork, just as is needed for a ship to run well.  

Thanks to DCR and staffers Jeff, Manny and Michelle who, through the Park Serve program, made this project possible. 

There will be another Work Day sponsored by the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park on May 7.  CONTACT  us if you would like to help.