The Worldwide Waters of Ernestina-Morrissey

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~~~when Ernestina-Morrissey Sails Again!~~~

Will you help us?

Since 1894, Ernestina-Morrissey has sailed oceans and seas, far and wide, and visited many ports.  It has been suggested that every effort be made to collect water from those oceans and seas, bays and ports and co-mingle all of those waters to represent the diversity of all of her history. The combined waters would be used to re-dedicate Ernestina-Morrissey when she is launched this summer.

Please download this collection form (PDF) if you can help us with this project.  Email if you would prefer a fillable WORD doc.

Where can the water come from?

You can see brief descriptions of all of her voyages on THIS TIMELINE.  Just click on the years to see where she has been!

Most of you know she spent her early life on the Grand Banks and in fishing waters along the New England and the Canadian Maritimes coasts.   Then Bartlett

1940-Furthest North, Baffin Island

brought her to the far north, with landfalls in Iceland, Greenland, Labrador, Baffin Island, Fury and Hecla Straight. Many do not know that in 1928 “The Morrissey” went via the Panama Canal, to Seattle, the Aleutian Islands and through the Bering Straits.

As Ernestina,

ERNESTINA already alongside all the way up the quais. MARIA SONY heading into Brava

her Cape Verdean packet years brought her to Southern New England ports, the Islands of Cape Verde and Dakar, Senegal.

Since her return to Massachusetts in 1982 she has been south to the Caribbean, north to Newfoundland and west to the Great Lakes. Where will she go next when she sails again in 2022?

Please contact us at if you can help SEMA gather the waters of Ernestina-Morrissey. We will all have something to celebrate when she returns to the water again this summer!  Help us celebrate her long life as she begins to write a new chapter of her story!

If you can send water representing any of Ernestina-Morrissey‘s amazing voyages to any of the Earth’s oceans please download this collection form and collect some water. Join with others in Ernestina-Morrissey‘s widespread family and make this a great way for everyone to participate in her successful return to sailing the Waters of the World .

If you have any questions please contact us at

You may have thought of one, or two water samples you could get. Just a few that come to mind are:

In Massachusetts: Essex. Gloucester,  Salem, Marblehead, New Bedford, Boston, Vineyard Haven, Nantucket and …

In New England: Newport, RI, Bridgeport CT, Portland, ME…

In New York: Fulton Street Market, Staten Island, City Island, and Brooklyn, NYC, Beacon, Hudson and…

In the rest of the US: Seattle, WA, Alaska, Aleutian Islands, Bering Straits, Traverse City, MI, Milwaukee, WI, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Dodge Island, Miami, FL,  and ….

In the Caribbean: in 1945: Bermuda, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in 1991: San Juan, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, USVI, Falmouth Harbor, Antigua, and ….

In the Chukchi Sea: Wrangell Island, and …

In Cape Verde and Africa, Mindelo, Fogo, Brava, and Dakar, Senegal and …

In Canada: Digby, Sidney and Yarmouth, NS, Brigus and St. John’s, NL, The Grand Banks, Victoria, BC, Baffin Island, Hudson Strait, Fury and Hecla Straits, Labrador, Toronto, Montreal & Quebec City, Halifax, Lunenburg, NS, Victoria, BC, Prince Rupert, BC  and …

Others: Panama Canal, Cape York & Ikateq, Greenland, Reykjavík, Iceland and….

Perhaps you can send water not yet on this list!

Download this collection form.

Thank you for your help!