The New Rudder Is Coming Together

Robert Mitchell made another visit to the shipyard and sent along these photos.

The first two sections are fastened together. Photo Credit: Mitchell Photography

The rudder post is purpleheart. One of the defining characteristics of purpleheart wood is the strength, density, and durability of its lumber structure.  The contract with the shipyard requires the use of “best available” materials for the Ernestina-Morrissey rehabilitation project. On the right side of the post what looks like shadows are the notches for the pintels (pin on which the rudder hangs and turns) which will be inserted into the gudgeons to fasten the rudder to the prick post. (A better view) In the photo below you can see the silicon bronze rods, another example of “best available” materials, which will be driven in to hold the rudder parts together.  The ends are threaded to accept the nuts.

David prepares the surface for the next section of the rudder. Photo Credit: Mitchell Photography

The next section it lifted into place. The holes are drilled and a countersink to accommodate the nut is ready. The void around the nut will be filled and tarred as you can see in the first photo. Photo Credit: Mitchell Photography