Progress in the Shipyard – October 22, 2020

In the attached series of photos you will see progress on the restoration of the Ernestina-Morrissey at Bristol Marine’s Shipyard in Boothbay Harbor.  Currently, all work on the Ernestina-Morrissey at the Shipyard is being funded through the generosity of the Lenfest Family.

Aft Cabin Bunks

The Aft Cabin will serve as the Officers Quarters, and the construction of this space will be the most detailed in the ship. These beautifully crafted bunks are nearing completion. Notice the mahogany trimmed shelf in the back corner.

Companionway Construction

David Thorpe is seen here fitting tongue and groove paneling that will serve as the frame for a companionway ladder into the aft cabin from the deck. You can see the original steering wheel from 1894 in the background.

Fiberglass Tanks

Highly durable composite tanks will be installed in the aft cabin beneath the sole (floor). These tanks were built in place, as access into the aft cabin was not large enough to fit the large volume storage tanks. Just like the Ernestina-Morrissey herself, these will be durable and long-lasting.

Pipe Fitting

Tom Gearharrt can be seen cutting a pipe hanger in the engine room to make space for additional floor beams. All of the high-volume plumbing on the ship is high quality red-brass.