Park Serve Day Brings Spring to Ernestina

A GREAT thank you to all the volunteers who worked so hard to get the cover off Ernestina and THANKS to DCR crew Manny and Dave.

DCR Commissioner Ed Lambert told the Ernestina volunteers that they were among 5,000 volunteers in parks across the state.   During this statewide day of service, volunteers worked together to get parks and beaches across Massachusetts ready for summer by cleaning coastlines, clearing trails, planting flowers, painting picnic tables, and more.

Here’s how the day went aboard Ernestina.


9 am, a beautiful day for getting that cover off

DCR Commissioner Ed Lambert stopped by to thank the volunteers who were ready to get started.

SEMA President Julius Britto started at the bow

The plastic cover came down quick!

From past experience Volunteers devised many ingenious methods to cut the plastic overhead.

Tim Connor had his own variation, Sonny and he made a great team

Chuck Smiler brought his pruning saw!

The saw worked great for the overhead!

Meanwhile Commissioner Fred Sterner and volunteer (former crew) Katie DePrato were oiling the spars up on the pier

cordless drills were handy to remove the countless screws that held together the cover structure

DCR's Dave Pires working on the top of one of the rafters

Once the rafters were removed from the ship another crew stripped the battens that held the plastic.

Spars almost done!

What a difference, it must be spring!

the crew, What GREAT volunteers, THANK YOU!

rafters ready for storage

Great job, The Saturday crew left the rest for Monday

By Monday noon Manny and his DCR crew had removed the aft part of the cover frame

and just the forward section was left

Thanks to the DCR crew and Saturday's volunteers the cover is OFF! It is officially SPRING! and with all the work done this winter the ship looks GREAT!