January Covergirl.

Ernestina-Morrissey is Miss January in the Spinner Publications New England Fisherman calendar.   Order yours from Spinner Publications.

1940 was the year  the Morrissey set a record for furthest north at 80 degrees 22 minutes North Latitude. That’s only 578 nautical miles from the North Pole.  Follow the link in the timeline to John Pitcairn’s log.

You can see the horizontal antenna supports at the top of the topmasts for the radio.  Among other assignments, the vessel served as a radio-relay vessel to northern outposts in Canada, Greenland and the Soviet Union during World War II.

You can also see a horizontal line about 2 feet above the water line.  That is the top of the greenheart sheathing that Bartlett had added to protect the hull from ice damage, both as reinforcement and as a sacrificial extra layer.  You can see the scouring of the greenheart sheath in this photo taken at Ikateq, Greenland.