Ernestina Will Sail Again!

The news we have been waiting for has finally been released.   Thank you to all the friends of Ernestina who donated money to SEMA and gave their time to showcase the ship.  Your perseverance delivered the message loud and clear that Ernestina is IMPORTANT!

We can finally tell you that Ernestina will be totally rebuilt. Bob Hildreth, a founder and vice-president of SEMA, and Gerry Lenfest, who has had an interest in the ship since a childhood acquaintance with Capt. Bob Bartlett, have committed a total of $2.8 million to the re-fit.  SEMA is committed to provide $1 million and the Commonwealth’s $2.5 million will insure that the ship will sail again!  Everyone that has been working very hard for this moment should be proud that this vessel, that was built in Massachusetts and returned to us in 1982 as a gift from the people of Cabo Verde will be able to proudly represent the Commonwealth again.

SEMA looks forward to our continued partnership with the Schooner Ernestina Commission and DCR’s Commissioner Jack Murray as we work to raise the final $1 million.  It is wonderful to see what can be accomplished when everyone works together toward a common goal.


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The Bidders' Conference was held on the ship August 12. Shipwright Harold Burnham was on-board to answer questions. Bids are due September 4.