Ernestina Report Released

The 2012 Conditions Survey Report With Recommendations and Rehabilitation Cost Estimates for Schooner Ernestina was presented to the Schooner Ernestina Commission at

The aft deck was rebuilt in Cape Verde 30 years ago.

the February meeting.   Leon Poindexter was present at the meeting to explain his report and answer the Commission’s questions.  The repairs recommended would return the ship to Coast Guard certification Subchapter T.  They include some repairs to the aft deck to satisfy the Coast Guard but not the replacement of the deck and if needed, deck beams.  Mr. Poindexter explained that the forward deck which was completely redone at Boothbay Shipyard, ME in 2008-09 was original from 1894.   The aft deck was rebuilt in Cape Verde 30 years ago.   The reframing done at that time was mostly of African hardwoods and “remarkably sound”, but Mr. Poindexter admitted that the aft deck “will have to be revisited at a later time”.   The Commission asked DCR manager Don Matinzi to provide an additional estimate of the costs to rebuild the aft deck in order to assure informed decision making going forward.  The Commission had hoped Ernestina could make some port visits this summer but Mr. Poindexter advised that Ernestina should only be moved to a shipyard for repairs.

Don Cuddy’s article contains responses from Senator Montigny and Representative Cabral.