Cape Verdean Recognition Events

Schooner Ernestina Commission Acting Chair Laura Pires Hester carrying Ernestina's banner.

Representatives of the Ernestina Commission and SEMA marched with our National Park partners again this year in the July 2 parade.  

As usual, the sight of the Ernestina banners drew a loud response from the crowd.

Many thanks to volunteers Sheila Pierce, Stephen Gaun and Chuck Smiler.

This year’s Cape Verdean Recognition events had special significance culminating in the opening of the New Bedford Whaling Museum Cape Verdean Maritime exhibit on July 5, Cape Verdean Independence Day.  

Ernestina‘s sternboard from Cape Verde is displayed prominently representing all the Cape Verdean Packet Trade vessels.

This exhibit explores the Republic of Cape Verde, its people, maritime history, connections to New England, and the legacies that continue to tie New Bedford and its culture to Cape Verde.

The formal dedication was followed by a reception in the Jacobs Gallery where Ernestina’s banner was prominently displayed.   Here are SEMA President Mary Anne McQuillan, Co-Chair Gene & Bonita  Monteiro, and Commissioner Laura Pires Hester.

photo credit :CVN MultiMedia

Check out photos posted by the Whaling Museum and read the article from the Boston Globe.