Celebrating Cape Verde and Bridgewater State University

SEMA Director Mike Gomes, SEMA President Julius Britto, President of Cape Verde, Jose’ Maria Pereira Neves and SEMA Vice-President Bob Hildreth.

On September 22, 2022 Bridgewater State University celebrated 20 years of partnership with the Republic of Cape Verde. President Jose’ Maria Periera Neves was the honored guest. Mike Gomes, a member of the Board of SEMA, was presented with the highest civilian award that Cape Verde gives to an individual. Mike has worked over these 20 years to help establish the Cape Verde University in Cape Verde. He has been like a father to so many young Cape Verdeans at the Bridgewater Campus as well as the Cape Verde University campus in Cape Verde. Mike is also involved with the Pedro Pires Institute for Cape Verdean Studies at BSU.

At the celebration Bob Hildreth, SEMA vice president and Julius Britto, SEMA  president,  presented President Neves with a framed picture of the Ernestina. Painted by Jeff Eldrige in 1988.