Gloucester, September 3 , 2011

The crowd at the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center was glad to see Ernestina’s booth.  This year it was fitting we were right next to the Essex Shipbuilding Museum.  This museum showcases the yards that built over 4000 schooners, including the then Effie M. Morrissey.  

Coordinator Stephen Gaun reorganized the display to showcase Ernestina’s dory fishing years, a proud example of Gloucester’s heritage.

Volunteers Karen and Tom Nixon and Fred Zinger as well as Paula, Bill and Matt Sydlowski, descendants of Captain Harry Ross who sailed Effie M. Morrissey in 1912 volunteered to tell Ernestina’s story that day.

Stephen, Matt, Effie & Fred

The sad news of Joe Garland’s passing made seeing the schooners in the harbor more poignant.  Joe was a particular supporter of all Gloucester’s schooners and wrote many books about them.  He will be missed.

Gloucester, September 2 ,  2001

Capt Willi Bank, Joe Garland, Sen. Ted Kennedy

It’s hard to believe that it is 10 years since Ernestina won the Esperanto Cup.

Senator Ted Kennedy’s Mya won the Cameron Cup for the Small Schooner class that year ( and that’s Joe Garland looking over Ted’s right shoulder)

So many things have changed since then!