Brockton July 31

It was another beautifully sunny, but hot day at Keith Field in Brockton at the Brockton Cape Verdean Day Festival and visitors to the  were very happy to see the Schooner Ernestina represented.  Coordinator Barbara Burgo and volunteer Den Cardoza made wonderful contacts on behalf of Schooner “E”.

This began with Manuel Andrade.  Mr. Andrade is one of the young men in the photo of 5 crew members when the “E” was in St. Vicente back in approx. 1952, and was the cook at age 15.    He came to the U.S. twice on the Schooner “E” in 1956 and 1957 and came back to the U.S. for good in 1958. He said he’s a cousin to Capt. Vasco Pires and remembers Vasco and his grandmother going to pick him up when he arrived!

Manny hosts a local Cable TV show in Brockton titled Sailor Ernestina…because when he was living in Brava and they used to see the “E” arriving over the horizon, the residents went to the docks and hailed the boat in proclaiming “Sailor”.   He is quite eager to assist us in planning a large event to fundraise/volunteer-raise on behalf of his beloved boat and invited Barbara to come present at one of his shows.

Thank you Barbara and Deb!

Here’s a VIDEO of Barbara’s presentation in Brockton.