Progress in the Shipyard ~ April 23, 2021

Thank you, Bristol Marine, for sharing the latest news of the great work your crew is accomplishing during the pre-launch fitting out of Ernestina~Morrissey! And thank you to Robert Mitchell of Mitchell Photography for the great photos!  In the attached series of photos, you will see progress on the restoration of the Ernestina~Morrissey at Bristol Marine’s Shipyard in Boothbay Harbor.  Currently, all work on the Ernestina~Morrissey at the Shipyard is being funded through the generosity of the Lenfest Family.


Aft Cabin Flooring

Another step closer to finished interior spaces. The Douglas fir finished sole is being installed in the Aft Cabin this week. The crew has been careful to build the panels in a manner that will allow for maximum access into the bilges.

Busy Painters

Kevin is hard at work coating the storage lockers in the Main Cabin. The paint team has been busy in almost every corner of the ship recently as they try to stay ahead of carpentry installations. The finishes look terrific.

Centerline bunk partition

In the center of the Main Cabin the final partition has been installed which will define the final four bunks and storage lockers.

Fuel Oil Sight Tube

In the Engine Room our team just competed the instalation of custom fuel level sight tubes. These were specifically built for Ernestina by SeeTru in the UK. They are extremely high-quality components that do well to compliment the other quality installations in this mechanical space.

Galley Cabinetry

The galley space is moving along very quickly these days. Soon, we will have a finished countertop with painted cabinetry. Note the reserved space for a large refrigeration box along the starboard hull. That system will be custom built in the coming months.

Galley Drawers

A nice example of high-end joinery for this one-of-a-kind ship

Sail Making Continues

Sherman is busy stitching a luff rope into one of the headsails for Ernestina. We love visiting the Wilson Sail-Loft to watch them handcrafting each sail with care and experience.

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