The Bartett Watch ~ Dedications

The Ernestina~Morrissey Crew has several diverse watches. The Bartlett Watch, with connections to the years in the Arctic, includes folks from when Newfoundlander Captain Robert A. Bartlett took “My Little Morrissey” north for 20 summers with scientists and young men exploring the northern waters and then with US Navy officers and US Army Air Corps personnel serving in World War II on missions into the North Atlantic.

You can read more on the timeline about the 1926-1946 voyages HERE.


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Dedicated to Julio Santos Marks who crewed from 1924-1927 by John J. Marks.


Dedicated to Warner Kent by his wife Jane Kent. A Bartlett Boy, he sailed in 1936.

More about the 1939 voyage HERE. and scroll down.

the crew on the boom behind Captain Bartlett, Warner Kent is the third one back.

Warner Kent forward on lookout while others joke around by the mainmast. Photo by Thomas Wells, August, 1936


Dedicated by Tally Garfield, proud grand-daughter of Alex Forbes.

September 1943 photo of Commander Alexander Forbes in Argentia, Newfoundland by Sherman Wengerd

In Memory of Commander Alexander Forbes, USN. During World War II (1942-1945) the Morrissey did hydrographic work and carried supplies to Arctic naval and air bases for the Army Air Corps and the Navy under joint command of Captain Bartlett and Commander Alexander Forbes, USN.


1927 Monroe Grey Barnard with oars and backpack on Baffin Island

George G. Barnard II’s donation is in memory of his father, Monroe Grey Barnard. In 1927 Publisher George Palmer Putnam sponsored and led a second expedition to Western Baffin Land and the Fury and Hecla Straits under the auspices of the American Geographical Society, Museum of the American Indian and the Heye Foundation. One of the assistants for that voyage was Monroe Grey Barnard who collected many photos and kept a diary during the voyage. His son, George G. Barnard II, transcribed his diary HERE: and donated his collection to the Archives: HERE.


1928 ~ Junius Bird

In memory of Junius Bird who sailed as scientist on six voyages to the Arctic with Captain Robert A. Bartlett on the Effie M. Morrissey by Thomas Bird.


1940 Frederick C. N. Littleton at the wheel of the Schooner Effie M. Morrissey.

Clem Littleton dedication to his father Fred Littleton, Bartlett Boy, 1940.