Ordering T-shirts

A VERY limited selection of shirts are available.  Small only Do not send money before checking availability !

They can be picked up in the New Bedford area. If you have any questions about locations email us at sails@ernestina.org .  If you would like to have a shirt mailed to you we can do that too.

If you want to make a donation by check the donation is $25  for adult S (ash & red),   which includes mailing expenses.  Please email sails@ernestina.org for instructions and to confirm we have the size and color you want..

If you want to order online with a credit card or PayPal the donation is $25/$28 for adult/  which includes mailing expenses.  Please visit PayPal and enter $25/$28 in the “donation amount” box.   Log in if you have a PayPal account OR use your credit card or debit card.  Fill in your information and indicate the size shirt you ordered (Please email sails@ernestina.org to confirm we have the size and color you want tp order.)  and mailing instructions by clicking “add special instructions to the seller” and we’ll send you your shirt. Follow this link to our PayPal account. and click the “Donate with PayPal” button or  “Donate with credit or debit card” button .

Here are the colors and what they look like:

Launch celebration tee shirt front and back and two colors

If you have any questions email us at sails@ernestina.org.