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First Mate
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Full Time, starting March 2022
Posted by: Massachusetts Maritime Academy on January 11, 2022
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Chief Mate for SSV Ernestina Morrissey — The Chief Mate / Ship’s Boson
position is based on long term needs with a focus on continuity and ship board safety. SSV Ernestina
Morrissey is a complex sailing vessel. This position will support the mission and ongoing structural
maintenance of the Schooner Ernestina Morrissey whether the ship is underway or at the dock. The Chief
Mate has a key role in emergency preparedness. It is this position that will organize the crew and trainees
during emergencies per the captain’s instructions and command the rescue vessel with the Chief Engineer for
persons over board emergencies. The mate will conduct routine maintenance, develop inspection protocols
and develop maintenance procedure manuals for the weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly required rig
inspections. Also, the mate will be required to conduct the monthly safety inspections and drills with the
ship’s crew. This position may be able to assist in STCW assessments with cadets.