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Jun 17 2017 | 12:00 am

Fan Pier
Courthouse Docks
Boston, MA

The Tall Ships are coming! SailBoston2017

Can you help us represent Ernestina-Morrissey while she is in Maine?

The Tall Ships are coming to Boston!  All hands on deck!
I know this is short notice but we are invited to share space with  Essex County Maritime Heritage on Fan Pier/Moakley Courthouse to reach out to the public that will be visiting SailBoston2017 next weekend.  This would give us the opportunity to promote, as Julius Brito put it in his comments Friday night, “the tallest of tall ships” our Ernestina-Morrissey. But we cannot do this with just a couple of people, we need volunteers to help man the booth, for a shift or more between 9 am and 6 pm.  The exhibit is only being displayed for 3 days Saturday, 6/17 (Parade of Sail day,)  Sunday 6/18 and Monday 6/19.
In 1992 Ernestina, celebrating the 10th Anniversary of her return to Massachusetts, sailed with the Tall Ships in Boston Harbor and again for SailBoston2000. This year we have to stand in for her while she is in Maine being prepared for her next amazing “life”.  Next time, good as new and as the Official Vessel of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, she will LEAD the Parade!

Please let me know if YOU can volunteer for a shift or more next weekend or Monday.  CONTACT US!