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Date postedDecember 10, 2012
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Frederick William Wallace’s ballad of Effie M. Morrissey’s run from Portland, ME to Yarmouth, NS
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“Some time afterwards I composed a string of verses recounting the incidents of this trip. Under the title of “The Log of a Record Run” it was printed in the Canadian Fisherman in 1914. It was just a “Come-all-ye” doggerel, but it must have appealed to some of the East Coast fishermen for one of them picked it up and put a tune to it and it got spread around. Years later it was included in a collection of Nova Scotia ballads compiled by Miss Helen Creighton who was under the impression that it was an old-time composition. In the verses, I altered the name of the schooner to Mary L. Mackay as I was afraid that to put Effie Morrissey in them might incur the displeasure of my shipmates. However, I need not have worried on that score for most, if not all of them, would have been delighted to have been identified with the escapade – so I was told”.