Progress in the Shipyard – December 17, 2020

Thank you, Bristol Marine, for sharing the latest news of the great work your crew is accomplishing during the pre-launch fitting out of Ernestina-Morrissey!  In the attached series of photos, you will see progress on the restoration of the Ernestina-Morrissey at Bristol Marine’s Shipyard in Boothbay Harbor.  Currently, all work on the Ernestina-Morrissey at the Shipyard is being funded through the generosity of the Lenfest Family.

Head Door

This image shows one of our newest carpenters Kazimieras, who joined a few short months ago. He has been the man behind the head compartment installation in the Aft Cabin. Here he is showing off his most recent craftsmanship. This door will complete the head compartment project. It is currently in the paint booth being varnished before installation. We are all excited to see it hung in place next week.

Aft Cabin Sink

David Thorpe carefully placing the front face of the sink platform for the Aft Cabin. This beautiful piece will be installed on the port side of the cabin between the aft bunk and companionway steps. Like the other details in this cabin, we chose high quality pine and oak. The top piece will be coated bright, while the vertical face will be painted white.

Engine Room Flooring

Jason Brassard is hard at work here installing the diamond plate flooring in the engine room. Each piece of high-quality aluminum flooring is custom fitted according to the spacing and arrangement of the sole beams that run athwartship. Special consideration is also given to maintenance and regular use of the ship's systems. Certain pieces of this plate flooring will be conveniently secured to allow for quick lift out access to machinery spaces that will exist below the floor level


The remainder of our custom aluminum ventilators have arrived ready for final paint and installation. These pieces are truly functional works of art. Not only will they help to properly ventilate the interior of the ship, but I think they will also serve as pleasing aesthetic decorations for the deck and exterior.

Fiberglass Tanks

Ross and Kevin are hard at work laying down fiberglass tape on the interior faces of our new waste tanks. These tanks are superior in strength and durability compared to polypropylene for certain uses. These particular tanks will experience pressure that requires the level of structural integrity that fiberglass provides. Ross is very experienced in this type of construction and has been critical to the clean and efficient construction of these components. Kevin has been his right-hand man through the process, and has also prepared the necessary foundations for this tank inside the ship. We look forward to their installation next week.