AHA! “What will be rest of Ernestina-Morrissey’s story?”

“What will be rest of Ernestina-Morrissey’s story?”

NBWNHP Artist-In-Residence Artist David Higgins

Join NBWNHP  Artist-In-Residence Artist David Higgins as he shares some creative ways of looking at local stories through performance and objects.  Add your thread to the weave of history.

As part of David’s project we’ll investigate how Ernestina-Morrissey has added to the fabric of New Bedford. What threads will you add?

And we’ll celebrate the vessel’s 124th birthday with CAKE!

The partial mural above was reproduced on this poster from 2011

The “stern” of the mural is gone, an empty frame.  What do you see filling that frame for Ernestina-Morrissey’s future?  Come share your stories with us at the NBWNHP on Thursday February 8.