Progress in the Shipyard – April 5, 2021

Thank you, Bristol Marine, for sharing the latest news of the great work your crew is accomplishing during the pre-launch fitting out of Ernestina~Morrissey! And thank you to Robert Mitchell of Mitchell Photography for the great photos!  In the attached series of photos, you will see progress on the restoration of the Ernestina~Morrissey at Bristol Marine’s Shipyard in Boothbay Harbor.  Currently, all work on the Ernestina~Morrissey at the Shipyard is being funded through the generosity of the Lenfest Family.

Custom Engine Bed and Drip Pan

This image shows the starboard side detail of the custom designed engine bed that was delivered to us last week before installing the engine. It is built with high quality steel and has been galvanized to resist corrosion. This piece of equipment weighs more than 600lbs, and should serve its purpose well for many years into the future.

Main Engine

It was an exciting day last week when the brand-new propulsion engine and transmission landed in the ship. The combination of engine and drive gear was too large to ship as a complete unit, so each were hoisted independently before being mated once they were both in the engine room. The engine is a Cummins QSM11 (350hp) engine with a TwinDisc hydraulic transmission.

Sail Construction

Just a few miles from The Shipyard is the famous sail loft of Nathaniel S. Wilson in East Boothbay. We visited last week to see progress underway on the first sails being constructed. It would be difficult to find a famous tall ship or schooner without at least a few Wilson sails on board. His work has traveled the globe, and it is easy to see why. Utilizing a custom blend of cloth that he developed himself for use on these exact vessels, Nat is just the person to be building these special sails.

Sail Details

This image shows some of the fine work on Ernestina-Morrissey's new sails.

Windlass on deck

It was no small feat to bring this awkward and heavy windlass up onto the foredeck. Using a specially designed cart, the team was able to muscle this unwieldy bulk of Oak, Purple Heart, and Steel into its final position. We all look forward to seeing this windlass in operation soon.

Foc’sle head vanity

The head in the Foc'sle is coming along beautifully. The counter top has been laminated with a cutout for the sink and an access door to operate an outboard thru-hull. Trim is being glued into place for the storage area under the sink.

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